Ask Maxie and Archie
Closing the ask box for a while

I have a lot of asks to go through, I spent hours last night sifting through and deleting innapropriate and repeat questions and I’m only about half way done D:

Just to give you an idea of how many asks I had, if I did one ask a day for two years, I still wouldn’t have them all answered, haha!

You guys asked for it

Edit: Kinda rushed the dialogue, so I changed it up, haha…

Also have a bonus livestream doodle of Archie’s unfortunate tan:


Pallet challenge #2:  A smug Archie and pouting Maxie for Grapplemace with set #59 and #10

I think I’m going to stop taking requests for these now. I got way more than I expected, so I’m gonna give myself time to finish up the rest of them, haha!

Apologies in advance, as there may be a lack of updates for a week or two while I handle commission work. So here’s an Archie and Maxie I doodled from the pallet challenge to hold you guys over until then :D

Old!Maxie isn’t taking the replacement very well :(

Regarding the old and new designs

I thought I should address this before I started updating again. I decided that the older versions of Archie/Maxie and the new ORAS versions will be different characters with their own personalities, and will react to questions much differently from each other. They will also be able to interact with each other due to some dimensional paradox or something, just go with it, haha.

I will alternate between these characters every weekend, but if there was a certain pair you guys wanted to see, be sure to specify when putting together an ask :D

I’m back from expo and with a huge surplus of Team Aqua and Team Magma bookmarks! I think I have around 170+ bookmarks left from each set and I really wanna sell them to you guys since I had a few inquiries about them already!

They’re printed on thick, glossy paper and pretty sturdy and sparkly. As for the price, they’ll be 3$ each or you can buy both for 4$+shipping.

US shipping = 4$

International = 7$

If you’re interested in getting one or both of them please send me an e-mail to

Payments are through paypal only, sorry for any inconvinience ;n;

!!!Please foward all questions to my e-mail, since I don’t wanna flood your dashes with text posts!!!

[Sorry for the bad photo quality, I was just too excited to show them to you all!]

PS. Regular updates will resume this weekend!

I was wondering to the wonderful person who draws this (I love your art!!) do you like ship them see them as best friends Or both? Since I've always wondered :)

I guess I do both!

I’ve kicked around the idea of shipping them for funsies, and they’ve been my otp since the original r/s/e came out, but when I started this blog I had the idea of making them long-time frenemies instead, the potential for hilarity was too great to pass up, haha.

Back in my old highschool kawaii yaoi phase I would draw shipping art of them a lot, and it was quite embarassing to say the least, when people would peek through my sketchbook and find things like this:




It’s fine if you want to share my posts around, but please give credit when you do!

Lysandre used charm!

(omg i’ve had this sitting around for so long unfinished, like literally months, I finally dredged up the motivation to finish it up tonight, so here it is, finally!)

(PS. they’re sitting in the Lysandre cafe, I just suck at backgrounds sob)

You know there’s something wrong when a big nerd calls you a nerd.